Potable water protective coatings are increasingly becoming important as environmental awareness is heightened; everyone wants clean drinking water, and having a protective coating for the reservoir, containment, or vessel is most important. VersaFlex’s AquaVers® line of Potable Water coatings are of the highest quality, and have been certified by Truesdail Laboratories, Inc. to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Section 5 specifications for containment vessels as small as 50 gallons. Currently there are few, if any, other manufacturers of potable water coatings who can claim such high standards for their protective coatings — many are only usable in containments of 100,000 gallons or larger, making them relatively restricted to very large reservoirs only.

Take a look at the AquaVers® line of potable water coatings from VersaFlex for the best solution possible.