Water & Power

Potable Water

VersaFlex has been certified by Truesdail Laboratories, Inc. to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Section 5 specifications for potable water.

VersaFlex’s AquaVers™ Line of Pure Polyurea Systems for Potable Water Application qualified as a Polyurea Interior/Lining Barrier System for Tanks, Vessels, Storage Containers and Pipes that are used for Potable/Drinking Water. The AquaVers™ product line includes our aromatic system (AquaVers 405) an aliphatic system (AquaVers 201) and the aromatic structural system (AquaVers 415). These polyurea systems qualified with and without the CrobeFlex® anti-microbial additive. AquaVers 20 Primer may also be used in conjunction with the coatings and is also certified by Truesdail as meeting NSF/ANSI 61.5 specifications as well.

The VersaFlex AquaVers Polyurea Systems not only qualified to meet the requirements of the standard in cold water use (23° C, or 73.4° F), but the the AquaVers 201 and Aquavers 405 were also tested and qualified for Potable Water Usage in high temperature applications up to 60 +/- 2° C (140° F). This makes VersaFlex’s AquaVers the only polyurea coating and liner system qualified for potable water application up to this higher temperature limit.

Not only does AquaVers meet a broad range of temperature approvals under NSF/ANSI standards, the VersaFlex coating systems also have a superior rating for minimum vessel (tank) size and no limits on the maximum thickness the coating may be applied. For the AquaVers 201, minimal tank size is 50 gallons; for the Aquavers 405, minimal tank size is 1,000 gallons; and the AquaVers 415 (23° C / 73.4° F only), minimal tank size is 5,000 gallons.

This is a very unique advantage to the VersaFlex Potable Water Coating Technology since most other NSF/ANSI 61.5 approved polyurea materials are restricted as to minimum tank size to be lined, as well as maximum thickness the material can be applied.

Pump Storage

Water Impoundment using pump storage reservoirs and energy-generating turbine facilities are becoming a widely sought after method of creating low-environmental-impact clean energy, Using VersaFlex pure polyurea coating systems provides protection against water leaks, both ingress and egress from the reservoir, as well as along the piping systems to and from the turbines. These high performance coatings help facility owners increase the level of protection for the surrounding environment, while at the same time providing a low-maintenance, long lasting barrier for the infrastructure and equipment needed to keep their systems running.

Many existing reservoirs are reaching the point in their life cycles where they need to be replaced or rehabilitated — often a lengthy and costly process. By choosing VersaFlex polyurea as the new coating system, down time is kept to a minimum, while protection levels increase exponentially, something that cannot be said of traditional epoxies or urethane systems. Additionally, future repairs, if any are needed, can be quickly installed / applied by simply spraying a new top coat in the affected areas. allowing a rapid return to service for the pump storage system.


Wastewater treatment facilities, sewers and vaults endure some of the most severe and corrosive environments in the water industry. These extreme service environments operate in situations of constant chemical exposure and heavy abrasion that result in deteriorated concrete and corroded steel in tanks, pipelines, containment pits and other infrastructure assets. Leaks, cracking and damage to existing coating systems also top the list of challenges in facility maintenance and new construction.

Raw water distribution, pipelines, water treatment, potable water storage and desalination facilities also face their own set of challenges and NSF/ANSI 61 standards requirements.

Many of these challenges can be minimized or even eliminated with the proper solution of high performance protective coatings and stringent quality driven product specifications and application methods.

Polyurea coatings & liners are the state-of-the-art technology for the demanding environments and chemical exposure that occur in wastewater and water utilities. These high performance thick film industrial coatings and linings provide durable, waterproof, seamless, impermeable, and abrasion-resistant barriers against a variety of liquids and chemicals.

VersaFlex manufactures a full array of standard and specialty polyurea coating and lining systems to protect your water and wastewater assets in any environment.